I am a little bit of a ghost here for few days, but I have a good reason, Antelope wants me for itself!
For those of you who are coming around for the first time, Antelope is the online boutique I imagined and created few months ago, when I was going through a hard time to find nice good quality hand-made jewellery.
I was spotting a few here and there, and was saying to myself that it would be so cool to have them all reunited in ONE place!

"Can you imagine? All the pieces I love, all of them in  a boutique! It would be A-MA-ZING!!"

"Well, go for it then! Imagine it and create it!" ....
That is my friend who thinks nothing is impossible and actually GO FOR IT. 
Yes, we all should have a friend like mine, it's very useful !

4months later, the boutique Antelope was open with a little jewellery selection to start with.
Skincare arrived few weeks later, with the amazing Fig+Yarrow range, and finally, clothing entered the game with the The Odder Side line.

Thanks to you, small boutique is becoming bigger, you've been welcoming it as a King! Thanks again!

Here are some pictures of the latest collections we launched on Antelope, the silver delicate pieces of Emma, Wild Fawn creator; the colour explosion of Ina, Tiny Track creator, with her daim and leather necklaces; and the boyish backless t-shirt from The Odder Side.

Feel free to click on pictures, it will bring you back straight away to the boutique! ;)



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