I am finally clicking the Publish button and ... let me introduce you ANTELOPE.

It's true, I cheat a bit cause the meeting happened few weeks ago already;
But this time, Antelope is ready to host you, guide you and make you enjoy the journey.

Antelope is an online boutique showcasing a selection of unique independent creators pieces.
Every single piece is hand-made which gives it a certain soul I particularly like.

Jewelry pieces are the first guest of honor on Antelope, then other accessorize ranges will come along very soon.

I am so exciting to finally be able to let you in my little boutique I love very much.
You can follow Antelope adventure on  InstagramFacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

Don't hesitate to use the Hashtag #Antelopeshop to mention the boutique on social medias, that way I could read you with pleasure :)

Last but not least, I wanted to tell you a massive thank you for your excitement and your support for Antelope, your encouragements and your sharing on social medias made me feel so happy, you are the best!

No more speech, I let you have a little browse in the boutique, I really hope you'll like it :)



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