london, you look like a drawing

It's been 4years I am living in London, and 4 years I am falling in love with the city again and again.

Everything about London inspires me, the streets, the architecture, the sky, the shops, parks... absolutely everything!
When I am going for a walk, I easily come back with 50 or more pictures taken on my phone... and no battery left, obviously! 
I always forget my camera, but I tend to be more comfortable taking pictures with my phone, I am used to it and I can find the right angle more easily!

Anyway, hope you don't have enough of London just yet, cause I don't and I'm always happy to share some pics with you ;)

I am always thinking that London is so beautiful that it really doesn't matter if you use a pro camera, a shitty one, or a phone to capture bits of the city... 
London is so pretty, it will always look like a drawing to me.



  1. Je ne me lasse pas de tes photos, on sent au travers d'elles que tu l'aimes cette ville !! J'aimerais beaucoup venir passer quelques jours à Londres et encore plus depuis que je suis ton blog . Passe un beau we. Delphine

    1. Ah oui, je l'aime et je suis contente de te donner envie au travers des photos !! ;)

  2. Je pars mardi pour Londres, j'ai tellement hâte <3 Merci de partager tout ça avec nous!

    1. Annhhh mais tu dois être sur Londres ça y est alors!! Enjoy ;)

  3. Most beautiful and esxciting city in the world!