Time flies and it seems like an eternity since I haven't spoke about London, my favourite topic ;)
With the warm days coming, and the fabulous bike I bought on Sunday (Vlog spoiler...watch out for it tomorrow...), I am ready to travel around London like I used to back in the old days, and take you with me!

I wanted to tell you about Peckham, a south-east area which is not touristic, but definitely worth to stop by!

Red brick buildings, sometimes dirty and battered, vegetable and fruit stands, messy but amazing shops, melting-pot of personalities...
It's a true authentic area, like I love.

That day, I focused on the graffitis, the area is full of it, don't hesitate to hang around in the street to discover and admire it.
Let me give you an idea, the ones I photographed were located in 50m square, I just needed to turn my head to be able to see an other one...amazing!

If you like urban and arty street style, the area of Peckham is the one for you!



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