That's it. It's official.
I don't dress myself anymore, I just randomly put whatever I can catch on, I don't style my hair anymore, if I ever did it one day in my life... and I don't wear makeup anymore.

That's it.  I can't be bother. FOR REAL.

My hair, it's been a long time they have been living their life without consulting me, they do whatever they want, and I can't say a word. Ok.
Clothes?... I have never been a fashion girl and always put basics pieces and comfort first, but I have to admit that when it comes to me, there is a very thin line between 'comfort' and 'laziness'...
I usually go from:
"Ok, let's put on this slim jeans with this beautiful casual stripes top... Perfect! Quite Emmanuelle Alt looking, love it..."

"Ok. Let's take this legging... oh, and this sweater too..." --> Britney Spears in her glorious days...

Thank god, I don't have any UGG or Crocs...

Well, no mockeries here, I love Britney, but this is an other story!

Regarding makeup, it's becoming a little complicating because the less I am wearing it, the less I fancy wearing it. 
Powder is still fine, but when it comes to liquid or cream textures, I immediately feel my skin is dirty, and trust me it's not gonna get better with summer coming.
Well... it's a bit annoying for a girl who loves talking about makeup, isn't it?
I'll just buy more lipsticks ;)



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