Those shoes represent everything I like.
Not just the shoes itself, but also the way I purchase it.

Let me tell you how I bought those silver heels shoes:
One random saturday morning, I was having a walk in my food market in my street to find some fruits and vegetables to make a good smoothie to treat myself, when I saw a girl selling some random stuff from her garage.
And between her adorable mess, here it was, the silver heels shoes!  Love at first sight!

I am not a big fan of unicorn, glitters and sparkles... but I tend to believe that "mirror materials" are magic!  #AlloDocteur

And so it happened, one saturday morning looking for fruits and vegetables, buying magic bicolour silver heels shoes.

Spontaneous, surprising et crush, the perfect receipe for a great purchase!
This is how I love to buy, and I have to admit it doesn't happen very often, but hell yes! this is so cool !!
Asos Boots, Urban Outfitters T-Shirt, Replay Jean, John Lewis Jacket 



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