the dress

LA ROBE Monki dress Topshop Black boots lexie blush

Let me introduce you the unique and only dress I own :)
Well, and to be honest, I consider it more as a long short sleeves costume jacket than a dress.

Anyway, I hate dresses. That's it.
Don't try to find any explanations due to my childhood or whatever... I'm jocking...
Some people enjoy finding some explanations for everything.
I hate wearing dresses just like I hate coriander. That is all.

I found this one very special (yes, that's my vision of special...don't forget I'm a basic clothes kind of girl..), and I was wondering how to wear it to make it stand out; but then I realise it does it on its own, no need to add anything, this lady actually stands out herself!

Add some black boots, hell boots is life, and the outfit is done!


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