the wall

When I stopped in that street to take some pictures, I first spend some couple of minutes shooting the wall and the garage door.
It liked the contrast between the grey and the white painting on the brick wall, the big black taggs on the decrepit garage door, and the flowers growing through the cracks and trying to escape.
I found it very eye-catching.

I was taking pictures, when a group of young cycling boy came around, they stopped by my side and asked me:
"Why are you taking pictures of this wall?”
"Because it's pretty"

They looked at the wall, not convinced at all, and then looked at me again.
"Why do you think it's pretty?!"
"Well, I like the colors, the writings are cool and powerful, and the flowers make it quite poetic and beautiful.  I think it's pretty.  Don't you think it's pretty?”

"Naaa, I think it's ugly"

They left, saying goodbye nicely, then turned around the corner and screamed:  "IT'S SUCH AN UGLY WALL !!"

I was speechless for a second, and then told myself "Well, I think it's such a pretty wall !"

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  1. Je trouve que c'est un très ili mur également !


    Basic Is The Mood

  2. Je suis vraiment contente que tu aies repris ton blog :-))) Cette série de photos est super et j'aime le texte qui l'accompagne (je ne parle même pas du Tshirt que tu portes !) Bonne journée. Delphine.

  3. Bon t'avais arrêté ton blog au moment où je m'étais abonnée sur HC mais ça va ouf ouf ouftu reviens en plus avec la photo où t'as envie de faire pipi! ;D
    Des bisous!!

    1. Ouiiii lol
      Et je n'avais meme pas envie de faire pipi en plus, alors imagine lorsque j'ai vraiment envie...!! ;)