I wear this outfit so often that it almost became part of my body.
I am jocking...hum, not sure!

It's comfy, ok for every situation, I can dress it up with accessories or not.
I wear it 90% of my time.

So I've always thought that it was unnecessary I post it here one day, I am so used to it, it's almost boring!

But it's also those normal and usual things that making us who we actually are;
Outfits, things, habits that we do every single day, without noticing it, things that we would be a bit lost without, but that we keep forgetting.

So here we go, I decided to celebrate those "uniform" outfit, that make us feel so comfy and confident!

What about you? What's yours?

Mango coat, Uniqlo top, Zara jean, Topshop boots


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